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Fungus Forays

All my surveys are sent as records to British Mycological Society and Fungus Conservation Trust to form important National records for the County.


Mushrooms, toadstools and FUNGI!

Having worked developing countryside skills for over 30 years my knowledge in the field of the many different types is still growing.

As a field mycologist I am able to identify many types as we walk, providing details of the key features and preferred habitat.

A chance to understand what they are, where they grow, more about poisonous and edible. Love fungi.

Fairy Inkcap

Fungus Forays

A 2-3 hour walk in a habitat or series of habitats where we look for different types of mushrooms and toadstools.

You will find them, including the rare ones, and I will name them. A chance to handle specimens and to realise the complexity of their function.

A scientific list of finds will be produced and shared with the landowner and national recording schemes to improve our knowledge of sites and fungi. Any number taken.


Fungus Courses

Become an expert in a day.

With function, form and fungus facts. How they vary and how they are similar, with a view to start to name a few.Lets destroy the fibs!

The possible programme:

10.00 Fungus foray
12.00 Theory and lunch
14.00 A chance to use a key and do ID…….
16.00 End

All day Refreshments, lots of ideas and plenty to think about. An enjoyable day to share with others.

Wildlife Garden Design Courses 

1 day course to float the ideas and brainstorm the options for your garden.

What is a stumpery and how to build a fungus garden?

2 day course that starts the design or drawing process to put ideas on paper and develop themes that will work

3 day course that finishes the design, to produce a piece of art to place on your wall. A course for everyone who can hold a pen/ pencil.

Every stage will Encourage wildlife. Contact me to find out more!

Nationwide courses available at a choiced location. Min 9 persons, but can do smaller numbers at another cost.

Costs available on request. Get in touch to book.

Come with suitable boots, gloves, lunch and tools.

Or contact me for Garden Design, Bees, Field Ecology or seasonal walks through the year.

Foray Collection Lists

I am able to produce fungus species-lists for sites. Please contact me for more details.